Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Let's talk about T-Rex

My little girl is obsessed with Dinosaurs. She knows all her dinosaurs and her favorite is T-rex. Everytime we go to a toy store she'd ask for a dinosaur, and every time she'd pick one that's bigger than the last one. She also loves to talk about them. At her friend's birthday party, I heard all her friends were saying which Disney princesses they like, one said, "I like Elsa and Snow white" another little girl said, "I like Cinderella and Rapunzel", and then Alisa said " I like Elsa and T-REEEEX!!!!! " 😀 Every night we go to bed she'd say "Mommy lets talk about T-rex." And now I know all about them. And today I was telling her about how we adopted our cats, she said, " But what happened to their mama? Maybe T-REX happened?! " #dinosaurs #momlife #family #lol #funny #drawing #drawings #arts #art #sketches #sketch

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