Monday, June 19, 2017

Hold U

mother daughter holding drawing art sketch
Alisa has been walking and running very well since she was 11 months old ! But since she hit the "terrible twos" she loves to have me (or daddy) carry her whenever we are out as much as possible. "Mama hold you" she says. I swear she gets heavier every time I pick her up. It's really tiring to carry a 30 pounds child around town when it's is hot and humid outside, and when I have to carry many bags already. But I want to hold her close to me for as long as she wants me to, and for as long as I can, because I know soon enough she'll be off to see the world by herself. So I just want to hang on to my little 30 pounds of love for a little longer. #drawing #art #arts #doodle #momlife #drawings #motherhood #motherdaughter

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